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The Military Lifestyle

Oct 21, 2020

Now, some believe if you work harder, you'll be more successful. If you're more successful, then you'll be happier. Maybe not that simple. Living in the military lifestyle can be a handful, but wouldn't it be great to feel more productive living the life.

Special Guest
Sarah Francescutti is mindset coach with Exhale and...

Oct 14, 2020

Relationships are great, but they're not always easy. Got to make time for each other, got to communicate. If you're in a relationship with a military member, in the context of the lifestyle, it's just more complex. This episode explores what you need for a healthy relationship and some things to watch out for.


Oct 7, 2020

Trauma. Postal Traumatic Stress Disorder. Those words might spark a reaction in you.  Imagine being able to change the culture around trauma and PTSD. Imagine when people seek treatment, it feels the same way as recovering from any other injury.   

Special Guest
Dr. Tim Black is an Associate Professor of Counselling...

Sep 30, 2020

Military postings can be as easy as ABC, but there's still a lot to think about a lot of fine details. So let's explore what to do before you get your posting message, after you receive it, then after your move.

Special Guest
A former military member, Carole Lajoie is the Director of Education and Collaboration with the...

Sep 23, 2020

Mindfulness is everywhere nowadays. Schools, companies, smartphone apps, even the military. Mindfulness has gone mainstream. For some it's a buzzword, big business, a product. If you strip away all the packaging, what exactly is it? And how can you apply it to military life?

Special Guest
Patricia Galaczy is the Founder...