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The Military Lifestyle

Oct 9, 2019

Helping Couples Prepare for Deployment looks at the challenges of a military deployment, a few tools for managing it, coping strategies, goal setting, common errors and the importance of good communication.

Special Guest

Sandra Pinard has been the deployment coordinator at the CFB Esquimalt's Military Family Resource Centre for over 15 years.


  • 3:07 Learning what are the expectations for yourself as a couple.
  • Learn as much as they can about what life is going to be like for that person during deployment.
  • 6:13 May detach from each other or argue with each other leading up to the deployment.
  • Having those face-to-face conversations is key.
  • 8:56 The importance of having a deployment budget, bill management, emergency planning, mindfulness.
  • MFRC deployment app
  • The importance of getting to know other people going through the same experience.
  • The importance of having a support system.
  • 17:55 Timezones and communication


“But sometimes if you're stressed out in one little thing happens, it could be enough to send you into a downward spiral for that day. So just preparing on those little things in advance is really helpful and I think it can offset those chances for you to blow something small out of proportion.” – Acting Sub Lieutenant Michelle Scott 

“The most common error is that people don't prepare for deployment. They don't think about it, they think, oh, I've got this, it's it's only three months, you know, and it's only six weeks. It's the shorter deployments, I find, where people more commonly don't prepare for they think but six weeks out what possibly go wrong in a six week period. And something could go wrong on your way home from work today.” - Sandra Pinard, Deployment Coordinator, Esquimalt MFRC 



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